Sunday, February 15, 2015

Smitten Kitten

I love any holiday themed fashion blog post - even if it is a little late! 
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Hello Kitty and this dress. 
First of all, I'm currently an elementary teacher which means I'm inundated with adorableness from all angles - whether it's the kids themselves or the things they drag into my classroom, such as Hello Kitty paraphernalia. Maybe I've been in Asia too long, but I can't help it. I want to ask every little girl, "Dahling, where did you get that divine Hello Kitty tote bag?" 
...which is hard because 1) their answer is most likely to be, "Dunno. Mom got it." and 2) I try very hard to focus on the process of their learning and their efforts as a good student and friend - not on what they are wearing. But y'all! They're so gosh-darn cute! 
And when I saw this basket bag walking down the streets of Chinatown (I actually think this might be a knock-off, realized after the fact) I literally did a 180. Had to have it. Don't need your Mom's shopping advice after all, Maggie. 

Of course, nothing is paired more to perfection than with this delightful dress - the fit and flair silhouette that feels made for me (fantastic length and all!), the fresh pink and white stripes, and crisp pleats. Did I mention I got this for $8? I would be drooling over it all but I don't think my date would find that very romantic… maybe. 

Happy Valentine's day! I hope you had a great day cuddled up to the loved one of your choosing and looked fabulous doing it! <3

Dress: Uptown Cheapskate (Forever 21) 
Everything else: Thrifted, gifted, or in local Singaporean markets

Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby, We're the New Romantics

If ya haven't figured it out, I'm quoting Taylor here. She definitely has the bon mot for romance - don't believe me? Check out this awesome Buzzfeed "If Taylor Swift Lyrics Were About Henry VII". You're welcome. Her lyrics transpires centuries, hehe

I feel like this skirt empathizes romance: the deep russet red, the long flowy fabric, the pleats and gathers. 
And it certainly goes with new romantics - I don't think the 1st round of old romantics were going around in crop tops and beaded vests (but definitely the 2nd round in the 60's!) And while being romantic obviously goes with this week's theme of Valentine's Day, I think Taylor is more referring to the literary movement of the 19th century - a group of writers, artists and thinkers who believed in true expression of emotions, rebelling aspects of society, finding beauty in all things and going back to nature. To name a few: Lord Byron (free love), Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (humanity v. industry),  John William Waterhouse (beautiful women in natural landscapes). 
Then fast forward and we get the hippies who were inspired by the romantics - which inspired the bohemian style and this specific outfit! Voila! See how I went full cycle there? 

Besides the skirt - which I lurrrve (also see here and here) - I'm obsessed with this sweet little vest - not only is the netting really funky and fun but it's got seed pearls woven into the pattern! With the vest, I'm trying out the "Third Piece Rule" of wearing a 3rd piece that really pulls your whole look together. I read this on Little J Style's blog and thought dangit! Why didn't I think of this? Or at least know about it? It really does make the difference - though it can be hard to do in the tropics. 

So what do you think? Of Taylor? Henry VII? Romanticism? Hippies? The 3rd Piece Rule? 
I bet Henry definitely followed the Third Piece Rule and was all about some free love! 

Everything Thrifted 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Reading Diana Vreeland

Sometimes after work, I'll dash home and go to the park near my house to read while I still have a little sunlight left. This past week, I devoured the book The Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart. Having read a bunch on fashion, her name always came up but it wasn't until I saw the documentary Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel on Netflix that I was obsessed with her. I needed more. Luckily, my library has a great fashion section in nonfiction which I have been ravenously running through and I quickly grabbed at this book. It didn't let me down either. I finished the darn thing in 3 days - Diana's life was fascinating through and through but what really entertained me was the small history lessons that coincided with her life - she was part of a team that revolutionized magazines to what they are today. She was ahead of her time in many things - fashion, women in the work force, fashion journalism, fitness - but I think the thing I loved most was being inspired by what inspired her. Her colleagues and friends always talked about how she was constantly looking, watching, regarding and assessing everything. She was always looking for beauty and logging away these little bits into the back of her mind to pull out later and use. 
I feel like I can really relate to that. I love people-watching because I'm always picking out something beautiful about the way a person carries themselves, how they styled an outfit or their hair. Not to mention just looking out the window on the bus ride to work - Singapore is so beautiful with a fantastic blend of different cultures (who still wear their traditional dress out and about), new and old architecture, greenery everywhere and bright, bold colors. 
What inspires you? Read any inspiration books lately? 

Skirt: Goodwill | Shirt: New2U | Belt: Target | Sunglasses: Modcloth
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pop Art Vintage

I can't believe I got this dress for $5 at Goodwill in America, y'all. It's too darn sublime with it's full A-line skirt, sweetheart neckline and fun print. And not to mention, it fits like a dream!
Ever since I got these red wedges (also from a 2nd-hand shop in the U.S.) I've been going crazy with pops of red. I think it's an easy way to pull a look together and make a bold statement without going all out. 

Dress: Goodwill | Shoes: Uptown Cheapskate | Purse: Macy's | Sunglasses: Modcloth | Belt: H&M | Bracelet: Vintage | Earrings: Lovisa 


Shhhh… don't tell anyone but I originally bought this dress to wear as a night gown. On the rack it was a $3 unexciting baggy thing but it looked uber comfortable and I liked the color. But after wearing it around the house, I started liking how it hung so effortlessly on me and had great movement. So I put on some wedges, a killer statement necklace and bam! I'm ready for a summer day//night out. But shhh… I still wear it to bed, too. 

Dress: New2U | Shoes: Uptown Cheapskate | Bangle: Macy's | Necklace: Lovisa | Sunglasses: Little India
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